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Carlos Bravo is a secret service agent who makes a fatal mistake. He falls in love with the Mexican Presidents daughter… as a result he loses his job but when the President gets taken hostage along with his daughter by an evil drug lord it’s up to ex-secret serviceman Carlos Bravo to save the day.

Carlos Gallardo (El Mariachi)
Richard Livingston

Mark produced the film with Lorena directing. The film was shot entirely on location in Tequesquitengo , Mexico. The film was shot in 18 days with a mostly Mexican crew. Bravo was a lot of fun to shoot but it was not easy. On the night before we started shooting one of our key actors quit the movie. Normally this would not have been a huge problem but we needed an American actor to play a US senator and we were in the middle of nowhere. Pressed for time we turned to our American 1st AD who was also an actor. He stepped in and did a great job of being an actor/AD.

Interesting fact: Mark Roberts had to carry around bribe money on a daily basis.

Distribution: Released by Xenon Home Video

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