Robers David Film and TV

Welcome to Roberts/David Films, Inc., founded in 1994 by namesakes and producing duo, Mark Roberts and Lorena David, joined by the talented Max Velez, who came aboard in 2003.

Since opening their doors, the pair has used their perfectly matched compatibility to bring creative and original stories to the screen using up-and-coming writing, directing, and acting talents. The journey began with the uproarious spoof "Plump Fiction," released in 1995 and financed by Rhino Records.

More successes quickly followed, including "Strangers with Candy,” based on the critically acclaimed Comedy Central series of the same name. “Strangers with Candy” debuted as a Sundance Film Festival darling and success story. Financed by David Letterman's Worldwide Pants, the cast featured Amy Sedaris, Sarah Jessica Parker, Matthew Broderick, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Chris Pratt, and Allison Janney.

Mark and Lorena’s successes in indie film inevitably led to their foray into Television where they’ve left an indelible imprint with productions like "My Ride Rules " (SPEED), “Ghostly Lovers" (Travel Channel), “The Car Chasers” (CNBC), “Mexico's Next Top Model” (Sony Entertainment Television), and “Guy Fieri’s Road Show” (Food Network).

Like all great creative teams, the strength of their partnership has generated a long resume of impressive credits. It’s that same strength that allows each of them to sometimes navigate separate paths while continuing to produce projects together under the Roberts/David banner…

Mark is not only an accomplished documentary producer with "Love and Betrayal" and "Carlos Almaraz: Playing with Fire,” to his credit, but he has also carved a niche for himself in the holiday TV movies genre. His festive repertoire includes heartwarming films such as “Feliz NaviDAD,” “Holiday in Santa Fe,” and “Steppin' Into the Holiday,” all starring Mario Lopez.

Lorena's path has led her to becoming an extremely in-demand reality TV editor, working on franchises like “Real Housewives” and “Below Deck” and for network clients such as SPIKE, E!, VH1, ABC Family, CNBC, SPEED, BRAVO, FoodNetwork, TLC and A&E. She has also contributed her editing expertise to Mark’s documentaries and two of his holiday films. All of this, while also directing four of the company’s films along the way.

Other notable productions include “Water & Power” written and directed by Richard Montoya based on the hit play premiering at the Mark Taper Forum; “Danika” starring Academy Award-winning actresses Marisa Tomei and Regina Hall; “The Cover-Up” starring Eliza Dushko; and the cult comedy “Poor White Trash.”

Mark Roberts – executive producer
Lorena David - executive producer, director, editor
Max Velez – producer